hudson Coaches Corner

Marathon Performance Coach Brad Hudson first started training at the age of 10 with Mark Wetmore, founder of the Mine Mountain Road Department in Bernardsville, New Jersey. After successful high school and collegiate careers he competed on the road racing circuit for many years earning a PR of 2:13:23 at the Cal International Marathon. Brad was a two-time winner of the Columbus Marathon.

As a coach, Hudson is always studying training and learning from as many different systems as possible. The one thing that stands out from both his personal running and coaching experience is just how very individual the sport is. While there are many ways to get results, it is the job of both the athlete and coach to work together to find the way best suited to each particular athlete. The coaching philosophy draws from a number of different methodologies.

Hudson’s major influences include the following coaches and athletes:

Dave Bedford U.K. Eric Hulst U.S.
Bill Bowerman U.S. Jeff Johnson U.S.
Antonio Cabral Portugal Arthur Lydiard New Zealand
Renato Canova Italy George Malley U.S.
Percy Cerutty Australia David Martin U.S.
Rudy Chapa U.S. Steve Moneghetti Australia
Pat Clohessy Australia Mark Nenow U.S.
Jack Daniels U.S. Bill Rodgers U.S.
Bill Dellinger U.S. Bill Squires U.S.
Lucio Gigliotti Italy Mark Wetmore U.S.