James Carney

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A couple of things of note from James Carney’s following (10/16-23) training. James had put in consistent high mileage under Bob Sevene (who i think is a great coach and done so much for U.S. distance running. How easy we forget Joanie) and i knew they were very lydiard influenced. Sev was the first coach i ever saw that did long intervals (3 x 2mile) in (1983). He was the athletics west coach when i was in high school. James was a very consistent runner around 28:30 for a few years. 2006 was a total wash with him as he had been hurt with plantar fascia problems and moved to boulder right after the summer. He began with just easy running.

This is a sample week of his very early build up. It was important to find out as much as i could before we got to important racing. Note intervals can be easy and hard. Specific and non specific. This week is a very easy week of training. There are two strength workouts as James definitely lacked specific strength and was a very skinny (ectomorph). Athletes don’t always like to do two hill sprint workouts especially ramps as it definitely makes their legs tired but it does serve a purpose of developing great strength and really holding the athletes back. 3:05 is very slow for an athlete that is capable of 27:30 for 10km. This is very easy base training. James was very new to altitude so it was important to see how he was progressing. Even in very early in his base.

This is a fairly easy week with the goal of strengthing him with two hill sprint workouts and bringing his aerobic system along. I do aerobic tests to know if the athletes is overtrained and anemic when they are not racing.


October 16-23

  • S. 1:20  easy
  • M. 2:00 hours very easy
  • T. 45min. easy /
  • W. 20min. w.u. 10 x 1km 3:05 very easy 90sec. rec. Harper lake with Andy Smith 10min. w.d. 35min. easy
  • T. 1:20min. easy
  • F. 45min.easy / 45min. easy+ 10xs.h. Ramp
  • S. 20min. w.u. 8km aerobic test 25:43+ 4 x 200m’s 31 w Andy Smith 20min. w.d. / 35min. easy