Boaz Cheboiywo

Here is some of Boaz’s training leading into Stanford. He trained for some of the winter with Alberto Salazar. So, if he is in good shape, it is from Alberto (hurdle drills, weights etc…), his old coach John Goodridge, and from some of this training.

After competing in the 10km at Stanford he ran 28:07 for 3rd but could only close in 64 sec. losing by quite a bit in the last 400m. It showed he lacked lactate tolerance and the ability to recruit fibers full of lactate so I used speed endurance and strength endurance to improve the ability of fiber recruitment under acidosis. He had done only 1 workout under me — a 1600m 4:15 and 10 x 400m’s 63 60sec. rec. and said he felt heavy, so the race told us a lot. His Kick against Lagat and Vaughn was much better in 58 over the last 400m — but I still think there is a lot of room for improvement.


April 27- May 5

  • S. 70min. easy after travel from Penn.
  • M. 1:30min. w last 20min. fast 5:05-4:50 very tired!
  • T. 50min. 50min.
  • W. 40min. jog 5:30 pm. 20min. w.u. w James and Casey. 2 x 200m’s 29 200jog 1600m 4:10 4:00 min. jog + 10 x 400m’s alternating fast and slow 64/62 60sec. rec. 20min. w.d.
  • T. 60min. easy
  • F. 35min. 35min.
  • S. 35min. w strides @ race pace 13:20
  • S. 35min. jog 20min. w.u. RACE 5,000m 13:19 3rd PR 30min. w.d.
    Race plan was to relax until last 1km. He made a move w 300m to go but with more sharpening he will get faster.
  • M. 60min. jog

April 20-28

  • S. 1:40min. w last 20min. fast progression 5:10-4:50 per mile
  • M. 50min. easy+8 x s.h. sprint climbing 50min. easy
  • T. 20min. w.u. 10 x 800m’s 66/64 alternating 2:12/2:08 90sec. jog w James Carney and Casey Burchill + 3 x 200m’s/ 29 Stopped him because of fatigue. 20min. w.d.
    40min. jog
  • W. 70min. easy Travel to Michigan
  • T.40min. easy 30min.+ 8 x 200m’s 200jog 28 10min. w.d.
  • F. 35min. jog – Travel to Penn. 35min. jog
  • S. 20min. w.u. RACE 1200m 2:54 lead off at Penn.( supposed to be on 1600m)+ 6 x 3min. hard 90sec. rec. 10km-5km around grass field near franklin Field. Stole this idea of building specific endurance after a race when adrenaline and hormones already high from Alberto Salazar who used this alot the last 2-3 years. Thought it was crazy at first but seems to bring shape very quickly alot like special blocks. Very tired 10min. w.d.

April 13-19

  • S. 2:00 60easy/ 60 mod. 5:30
  • M. 50min. easy 50min. easy
  • T. 20min. w.u. 11 x 1km w James on Amazon 90sec. 10k feel last 3 on track* was supposed to do 12 but looked tired so pulled him. 20min. w.d. – 40min. jog
  • W. 1:30min. easy
  • T. 60min. 35min. easy – Special Block/ Strength endurance
  • F. 20min. w.u. 8mile progression avg 4:57 lots of clothes! 10min. w.d.
    30min. w.u. 8 x 60sec. hill max intensity 4:00 min. rec. 15min. w.d. We us this workout for kick development, Essentially muscular strength at high level while under acidosis and teaching fiber recruitment. (ice bath)
  • S. 45min. jog

April 4-12

  • F. 30min. run Race 10km 28:07 last 400m 64
  • S. 45min. jog
  • S. 50min. easy 50min. easy
  • M. 1:30min. easy
  • T. 20min. w.u. EASY Fartlek Amazon 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1- mod. rec. 10min. w.d. 40min. easy
  • W. 1:30min. easy
  • T. 60min. easy+ 8 x s.h. sprint climbing 40min. easy

Mechanical Speed/ lactate tolerance/ Speed endurance

  • F. 20min. w.u. 4 x 600m/500m/400m/300m/200m 200 jog 90sec. 4:00 min. sets
    5km-1500m last set fast/ slow 1:28/1:20/ 57/ 47/ 26.9 20min. w.d.

    40min. jog
  • S. 45min. jog