Ask Brad: Recovering From Peak Performance, Implementing Hill Repeats & More

I started running a little over a year ago. I read Born to Run and knew I had to become a runner. Then I read Run Faster and started the Level 1 Marathon plan. I ran my first marathon 6 months later and made the Boston qualification. I just finished the Level 2 Marathon and dropped another 10 minutes. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful book full of awesome tips and training plans. The programs are motivating and interesting and super hard (as they should be). Thank you so much! -Tennille

Brad: So Happy You enjoyed the Programs Tennille I have tried to incorporate the best workouts that i know to keep things fresh and interesting but also to keep a stimulus coming at the body to further performance!

I looked in your book and could not find anything on how to recover from a peak performance and then start training for your next race. Do I just keep going? Do I take a week off and start one of your Marathon training schedules? I was thinking level 1? do I start from the beginning even though I am already running 13 miles? Any thoughts? -Yvonne

Brad: Yes I assume you mean Marathon. Normally I give my athletes at least 1 week off no running only light cross-training after day 5 then 3-4 weeks of light running with light variations to keep some stimulus in esp. changing stride length stride frequency. By light, I mean a very gradual volume that will take 4 weeks to reach the level that I would call normal training. But my schedules our designed with the three basic concepts of the Italian system coined from Renato Canova who I believe is the worlds authority on Distance running! Continuity, gradualness, high-modulation so you can start in when you are physically and mentally ready. To race the Marathon well you need good recovery and this is both mental and physical!

Dear Brad,

By following your advice, I’ve run more miles faster than since the early 80s. Thanks many times for helping me to coach myself way better than ever before.

My question is about the Master’s Marathon progam from Run Faster. The Masters Marathon Plan ends at week 20 it an Easy Run on Saturday. The race itself isn’t listed in the plan.

Does the Marathon Goal race take place the next day, Sunday?

Thanks. -Michael

Brad: I believe it is on Sunday the next day but you can email me at Marathon performance if you need the next week to fit your schedule!

I used the Run Faster half Marathon level 2 program with great success last season and I wanted to move up to Level 3. I have a question about implementing other types of hill repeats into the program outside of the short sprints. Where would one place those during a weekly, 3 workout routine?



Brad: You can include Long Hills normally after 4-5 weeks after you have developed your aerobic threshold! And Sprint climbing 300m-600m as needed normally after 5-6 weeks or near a peak area to strengthen fibers full of lactate adding to your finishing to sharpen so for marathon you want to stop 4-6 weeks out to concentrate on working specific fibers!