Moody Shines Before Hometown Chicago, Sets PB

The Chicago Marathon was met with freezing prerace conditions early Sunday morning that had many competitors scrambling to keep warm. Marathon Performance athletes Tera Moody and Boaz Cheboiywo were both ready to take on a collection of the best athletes the planet had to offer.

chicago Moody Shines Before Hometown Chicago, Sets PB

Chicago Marathon Skyline (

Coming off the Berlin World Championship Marathon in August, Moody found comfort running in front of a familiar Chicago skyline. Her third marathon of the year also marked her fastest.

After taking an early lead, she crossed the finish line in 2:32:59, a new personal best. The 9th woman overall, Moody was pleased with her performance.

“… I love the Chicago Marathon and it was awesome to be a part of it. The spectators are amazing! Since I grew up here a lot of people recognized me, and I had a lot of support out on the course. It helped so much to have people calling out my name.”

Coach Hudson on Moody running two marathons in 7 weeks.

“Sometimes you have to trust your athletes motivations. This was her idea and I think it did her a world of good. Especially after running the Berlin World Champs. She’s become more fearless from all her training this summer. “

Cheboiywo did not fare as well. Physically and mentally prepared for a breakout performance, he could not overcome a stomach ailment that kept him from finishing. Although not the ideal ending to his tremendous ’09 season, Cheboiywo has plenty to look forward to in 2010. After several years of paperwork and patiently waiting for official word, he’ll finally become a US citizen and begin the process of making waves on the national running scene.

Tera Moody

Split Time
START TIME 07:29:53
05K 00:18:16
10K 00:36:14
15K 00:54:15
20K 01:12:23
HALF 01:16:21
25K 01:30:31
30K 01:48:44
35K 02:06:35
40K 02:24:43
Place (total) 105
Place (Gender) 9
Place (Div) 4
Total (Net) 02:32:59
Total (Gun) 02:32:59

Boaz Cheboiywo

Split Time
START TIME 07:29:53
05K 00:15:40
10K 00:31:34
15K 00:47:53
20K 01:04:36
HALF 01:08:30