Marathon Performance Launches New Website

The wait is finally over. After quite a bit of brain storming and even more behind the scenes development, we are happy to announce the launch of our new website. In the coming weeks, months, and beyond we hope this becomes your destination for updates on our training group. Whether a brief athlete update from Brad or behind the scenes photos from different workouts, we’ll try and add a little bit of everything into the mix.

oldmp1 300x199 Marathon Performance Launches New Website


So why the change? Well, for one thing, it was time to establish an identity. And with an identity comes a logo. One of our good friends approached us about the possibility of expanding our ‘look’ way back in September of ’08. When our schedules finally matched up, the process began.

As you can see, we redid everything from scratch. Behind the scenes is a better content management system that will make it easier to post updates from wherever our travels take us.

new mp1 300x203 Marathon Performance Launches New Website


If you notice any errors or changes in the first few weeks, feel free to pass them on via our contact page. Chances are, we’re still tweaking and fine tuning everything but let us know anyway.

So that’s it! Thanks for stopping by. Bookmark the site and check back for new updates and features. If you’re feeling extra motivated, sign up with our RSS feed so you don’t miss a thing.

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