Bolder Boulder: Carney Finishes 4th, Leads Team USA

James Carney, running in front of his home crowd, took 4th overall (29:53) in the 2009 Bolder Boulder 10k on May 25. Despite some thunder and a distant funnel cloud, Carney and all the elite racers put on a show for the fans.  Thousands took to the streets cheering the athletes as they made there way towards the CU campus. Another 40,000 were waiting inside the University of Colorado football stadium awaiting the runners while enjoying Memorial Day festivities.

carney 300x237 Bolder Boulder: Carney Finishes 4th, Leads Team USA

James Carney, Bolder Boulder (2009)

The Ethiopians dicated the race early running a blistering 1M in 4 minutes 7 seconds. At that point, Carney sat all the way back in 10th, but battled his way back. Beating the entire Kenyan team, Carney lead Team USA to the tape inside the stadium. Teammates Bolota Asmeron (5th, 30:02) and Fasil Bizuneh (13th) also ran well to give Team USA second place.

Brad Hudson on Carney’s performance – “We are very happy with the 4th place finish. James was able to beat great competition in a hard race. He felt strong throughout and executed as planned. Finishing inside a packed football stadium in front of the home crowd made for an exciting finish. ”

On getting ready for USA’s – “Preparation since the Cardinal Invite has been solid. James is going to be a tough competitor at outdoors. We really feel like he’s going to challenge and surprise some people in the 10k at Hayward. He’s heading to Colorado Springs for a few days for some additional altitude training. We are still deciding if we’ll run again beforehand. No races are planned at this point.”

Notes: Tera Moody was the other Marathon Performance athlete in the elite race on Monday. Moody, who was recently named to Team USA’s marathon squad heading to Berlin for World’s, finished 14th overall in 35:43. She lead Team USA to a 5th place finish in the team battle.

moody 198x300 Bolder Boulder: Carney Finishes 4th, Leads Team USA

Tera Moody, Bolder Boulder (2009)

Tera on her race – “It’s amazing, when you come into the stadium to hear all the people. It’s such a good feeling. I would have liked to have had a lot better race, but I did my best out there with what I had today. Hope to come back next year and put on a little bit better show.”

Brad Hudson on the race – “For someone who hasn’t had the best of success in the past there, we were happy to have a positive experience. Altitude racing does not come easy. When people see times from Bolder Boulder, they need to remember what sort of elevation this course sits on.”

Brad on what’s next – “The Fryhopper’s 5k is coming up in a little bit before we start getting prepared for the marathon World Championships in Berlin.”

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