Boaz: 2nd in Nordian 10k, 3rd in Healthy Kidney 10k

For the second straight weekend Boaz Cheboiywo placed in the top 3 at another premier 10k road race.

On Sunday May 16, Boaz made his debut in the NYRR sponsored Healthy Kidney 10k. Despite morning fog and rain, Boaz steadily held third place from mile 4 to the finish line in 28:31.

“We’re really happy on the outcome of this race. Coming off a slow Stanford 5k, this was a step in the right direction. For that course, in Central Park, it’s a very good time. He was close to beating Patrick Makau (2nd in 28:28) even after a long battle against the weather.” -Brad Hudson

2kstartback ottawa09b 300x200 Boaz: 2nd in Nordian 10k, 3rd in Healthy Kidney 10k

MDS Nordian 10k (2009)

Flash-forward a week to May 23 at the MDS Nordian 10k in Ottawa. Cheboiywo was tasked to rabbit Merga through world record pace on the road. Merga went on to run the fastest 10k ever on Canadian soil while shattering the course record. Cheboiywo, who’s pacemaking duties ended when Merga left, reset himself to finish second overall (28:17).

“Boaz rabbited through 3k at 7:57 (26:40 10k pace) when Merga decided to go. The time was okay based on the initial WR pace and the fact it was nowhere near an even run. This time, he (Boaz) was able to beat Patrick MaKau who finished 7th.” -Brad Hudson

On what the future holds for Cheboiywo.

“Next up is Steamboat and Peachtree. We’re working on building strength right now and moving into higher level training. Our goal for Boaz is the 2012 Olympic Marathon in London, as an American on Team USA. He’ll receive his US citizenship in June, 2010.” -Brad Hudson


Abbi Gleeson-Antablin also ran the Healthy Kidney 10k on May 16. She led the NYAC to victory in the team compeition (35:01)  and is currently working towards the Women’s Mini on June 7 in New York.

abbi a gleeson 300x200 Boaz: 2nd in Nordian 10k, 3rd in Healthy Kidney 10k

Healthy Kidney 10k (2009)

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